An Electric Kitchen Range That Has a Lot to Offer

If you are looking for a great electric kitchen range, than look no further. The Maytag Gemini MER6772 Electric Range has many features available. It is electric and smooth top for easy cleaning and it has 4 cooking elements. The one thing that I love the most is the glass top, it is so easy to clean and my wife makes a mess when cooking. custom range hoods

This particular cooking range has two ovens, which is great for large families that require a lot of cooking. I am very happy with my purchase of this Maytag range. I had a whirlpool before purchasing this particular stove. The whirlpool was not as nice and harder to clean as the Maytag. My family has really enjoyed this stove because of the double oven feature that it offers. This stove is a bit on the expensive side but well worth the price that I paid for it, especially since I love to cook.

My daughter and my wife take turns cleaning the kitchen each night, and they also love the easy clean glass top. This stove is an appliance that your whole family will love, I know mine has enjoyed it very much. My older daughter loves to cook for her new boyfriend and she has really enjoyed cooking on our new Maytag cooking range. I have always liked the stainless steel kitchen appliances and now I have a stainless steel range, not to mention the fact that it has a double oven.

The one year warranty is great as well, so if something breaks on my new stove I do not have to worry about it. Don’t get me wrong I liked my Whirlpool stove but this stove is like the Cadillac of kitchen ranges. I surely hope that this stove lasts me for years to come. This range is available in black and stainless steel, but I personally prefer the stainless steel. Though it costs more, I like the look of it and like the way it looks in our kitchen. I have also referred many of my friends to the Maytag MER6772 Gemini electric kitchen range.

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