Are Homemade Cat Toys Safe?

A lot of new cat owners will give their new kitties or cats things to play with, without realizing they could be unsafe. Kittens are just like children and will play and pull on things that can come lose in their mouths. Scratch and Purr

When buying cat toys, make sure that the eyes and ears on the toy mice are sewn on and not just glued into place.  Glued eyes and ears can come off easily if they get wet or are played with roughly.

Make sure any bells, or small decorations are secured tightly and that there aren’t any sharp edges or angles. You don’t want to have any small objects that would be easy for a kitty to swallow or choke on.

Making your own cat toys can be so easy and much safer than store bought toys.  An easy fun filled idea is to take an old sock and fill it with half fiber fill pillow stuffing and the other half with organic catnip.  Tie the sock closed with string and leave a long piece of string to pull the toy with.  Your cat will chase this for hours!  Or tie the toy onto a solid object like a metal stair banister at the bottom of the stairs, and your cat will entertain themselves for hours.

The best homemade cat toy in the world is a toy tied by a string to the end of a wooden or heavy plastic dowel. The dowel can be used like a fishing pole and  you can use it to pop the toy up and down in the air, and watch them try and catch it!  It is such fun to watch your cat go through all the antics of trying to catch that mouse.


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