From Three To Twelve: An Orientation On Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes these days are not just limited to the blusher, eye shadow and the lip brush. In the past, if you have these three in your cosmetic bag, then, you are good to go. You are ready to face the day thanks to your three-piece makeup brush set.

Before, you only have to worry about what color you need to put on your eyelids and lips. After the face powder, you pick up your eye shadow tool and dab the color on your eyelids.

Next, you choose from brown, pink or red lipstick. You smudge the lipstick on your mouth. The finishing touch among the makeup brushes will be the blush on. Pat some on the apple of your cheeks and then you are done. Beautiful in an instant – literally in 5 minutes – with the help of your three-piece synthetic makeup brush set.

But with changing times come a list of makeup style choices for women. For those who are serious in looking good every single day, they purchase a complete bag of beauty tools. This bag contains about a dozen brushes with each to be used differently and has its own purpose. Some even go the distance on and buy the pricey vegan makeup brushes. Have you heard of these makeup brushes before?

Anyway, to familiarize you with the “now” synthetic makeup tools, here is the low down on each one:

• Foundation

This is a semi-medium brush used for applying a cream-base, powder-base or liquid-base foundation on the face. It may either be short-bristled (best to use on cream and liquid) or long-bristled (best for powder). This is required for even application, giving the face a more natural look while hiding imperfections.

• Powder makeup brushes manufacturer

The powder brush among all is a common tool in your makeup brush set. Use it after foundation.

• Contouring

From the word “contour” comes the contouring brush. If you need a defined nose or higher cheekbones, contouring makeup brushes can assist you.

• Stippling

This is used for air brushing your face with powder or cream to give it a glow. This is a must in any synthetic brush set collection. Be sure to add this on your beauty brushes collection.



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