LMIA- Approved Jobs, Limitations, Requirements, And Scope Of Work

LMIA- Approved Jobs, Limitations, Requirements, And Scope Of Work

As online platforms grow, the demand for skilled technology experts is expected to increase in Canada. This demand has prompted Canada to encourage the flow of global talent to its shores. These specialists can apply for a work visa within two weeks and have their credentials recognized by the Canadian government. A web designer can earn between $ 66,300 and $ 84,088 per year. Find here the best LMIA available jobs in Canada.

LMIA approved jobs:

If you are a foreigner interested in working in Canada, you can apply for a LMIA-approved job. These jobs are available in many different industries across the country. To get these jobs, you must be a skilled worker. Depending on your profession, you can obtain a work visa within two weeks.

If you’re an employer, you can also use a LMIA to hire foreign workers if you need a workforce. Generally, Canadian employers who hire foreign workers can hire up to ten temporary foreign workers. This will give these workers enough time to integrate into the Canadian workforce.


If you’re considering hiring a foreign national, you’ll need to comply with certain regulations. To be eligible for a LMIA, your company must have been in operation for at least one year, hire skilled workers, and meet other requirements. You must also ensure your job offers and advertisements comply with the requirements of the LMIA.


When an employer has a job opportunity for foreigners in Canada, they must check their LMIA file to determine if they are eligible to hire a foreign worker. Depending on the stream, this can take anywhere from a few days to several months. While waiting for their LMIA, they must continue advertising and reviewing applicants. The employer must also submit a summary of their recruitment efforts to demonstrate compliance with LMIA requirements.

Scope of work:

To qualify for LMIA approval, an employer must provide the EDSC with all the required documentation to prove the legitimacy of its business. This documentation should include company registration and operation documents and payroll records. The employer must also show that it has made reasonable efforts to hire and train Canadian workers. The EDSC will then assess an applicant’s application based on several factors. These include whether Canadian workers are willing to fill the position and the compensation offered.