Mattress-In-A-Box: What Are The Potential Pros?

Mattress-In-A-Box: What Are The Potential Pros?

A mattress in a box is similar to a regular mattress, except it is compressed into an air-sealed bag before shipping and placed in a smaller box about the size of a mini-fridge. This makes the mattress more portable and convenient to handle. It’s also easier to return if you’re looking for something else. The best mattress in a box in Canada also allows you to purchase the mattress online without visiting a store. Here are some incredible benefits of buying a mattress.

Cost effective:

Several factors can affect the price when buying a mattress in a box. The first factor is whether you need to pay extra for the delivery service. Some companies offer white glove delivery for free, but others charge an additional fee. Standard delivery can cost anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on the company. Other companies include a set-up service that removes your old mattress.


While buying a mattress in a box might seem unconventional, there are many benefits to this type of purchase. The first is that the bed can be shipped directly to your home. Once you receive the box, you must unfold it and place it on your frame. Secondly, this type of mattress tends to be less expensive than traditional mattresses.

Provide exceptional pressure relief and support:

A new mattress will have an odor upon unpacking. While this odor is temporary, it can persist for hours or even days. Moreover, many of these mattresses are all-foam models. These are made from memory foam with polyfoam support layers. The objective of these mattresses is to provide exceptional pressure relief and support. Another type of foam mattress is made from latex, which is 100% natural and free of chemicals. Latex mattresses may have different layers for comfort and support, depending on the brand.


Buying a mattress in a box may be a good idea if you are on a budget, but it is important to keep a few things in mind before making the purchase. The first is durability. While all mattresses are made with foam as an important component, only some manufacturers use top-quality foam in their products. It is important to read customer reviews before you buy to ensure the mattress you’re considering is made of high-quality materials.

The durability of your mattress is also affected by the materials used. A low-quality mattress will begin to wear out after just a few years. In comparison, a higher-quality mattress will last much longer.