Which Numbing Cream Has The Most Lidocaine? 

Which Numbing Cream Has The Most Lidocaine? 

Lidocaine is an anesthetic used to treat various conditions on the skin and below it. In particular, it is useful for relieving pain caused by minor skin conditions, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and insect bites. In addition, it can relieve the pain associated with certain medical procedures. It is classified as a local anesthetic and is applied topically to the affected area. Here in this article, we will talk about different zensa tattoo numbing cream types with the most lidocaine.

Ebanel topical anesthetic cream:

Ebanel topical anesthesia cream is a topical anesthetic that contains lidocaine as the main ingredient. It is approved for use in minor procedures and is available as a cream or gel. The cream and gel contain eutectic mixtures of lidocaine and prilocaine. They have a lower melting point than either constituent alone.

Uber numb:

Uber numb is a water-based numbing cream with a maximum lidocaine concentration of 5%. It provides quick and lasting relief. It also contains Vitamin E, which helps soothe the skin and fights inflammation. The cream is suitable for both minor and major injuries.

Uber numb is available in four-ounce bottles. It contains the highest amount of lidocaine available in a non-prescription cream. The cream starts working within twenty to twenty-five minutes and lasts up to an hour. The cream is water-based, so it never feels sticky and does not leave any oily residue.


Medinumb numb is an effective numbing solution for various dermal applications. It is often used during needle injections, body piercing, waxing, and other dermatological procedures. The cream contains lidocaine, a topical anesthetic especially effective for numbing the entire body. The product is also used in the production of eyeliner.

Base labs:

The base labs numbing cream contains the highest percentage of lidocaine of any cream sold without a prescription. This numbing cream is made in a sterile, FDA-compliant facility with a child-resistant cap. It is a multi-purpose product formulated to calm the skin and reduce itching. It also contains glycerin to keep the skin hydrated. Other ingredients include clove oil, licorice, and tea tree, which reduces inflammation and fights infection. A customer satisfaction guarantee also backs it.

Based on a comprehensive study, the best tattoo numbing cream contains the highest amount of lidocaine (5%). It numbs the skin for at least an hour and contains an anti-inflammatory vitamin C, which prevents painful swelling. The cream also moisturizes the skin without leaving a greasy or caked feeling.