Is the Ultrasonic Level Indicator A Reliable Gadget?

Amid the vast variety of the different liquid level indicators available in the market, the ultrasonic level indicator is widely criticized for being incapable to manage extreme conditions. When the liquid is in a state of turbulence, producing gasses and even when it is in a container that is corroded or uneven from the insides, the ultrasonic measuring devices are perceived to fail. In reality, these are some of the factors that are caused by nature and they can create a problem with any other measuring device. Having expertise in handling the ultrasonic level indicator can easily let you get these tricky situations under control and you will be able to get the perfect measurement without fail.

Since the ultrasonic level indicator is a non contact liquid measuring device, which is why it uses air as a medium for its ultrasonic waves to travel. Unlike the guide radar wave measuring device which has a probe sticking out of its bottom to be dipped in the liquid, it has nothing sticking out of it and has no extensions that require being in contact with any liquid for measuring. The only thing that allows the ultrasonic device to take measurements is the air. Since air becomes denser or humidity levels become high in extreme conditions, the non contact ultrasonic device is said to malfunction in these situations. It is believed that the device shows unrealistic data which can easily misguide the staff taking measurements in unnatural conditions.

In reality, this is not anything to be worried about because once you learn how to handle the device like a professional, you can easily manage to get the right results no matter how harsh the conditions may look. Since the ultrasonic liquid indicator is different from every other liquid level indicator modern or old, a lot of people are still unaware how to handle this new gadget when the problem is within the air, or with the liquid. Learning how to adjust the settings according to the nature of the situation can solve many problems with the device and you won’t be seen running around to find something else to consider measuring with.

Unlike any other measuring device, the ultrasonic liquid level indicator is safe because when using it, neither the device nor the person needs to touch the liquid. It even possesses a unique ability to measure contents within a single skinned container. With this unique ability, there is no need to tamper with the container as required with other measuring devices. The following abilities of the device set it apart from all of its rivals.


  • Long range without contact
  • Measure inside single skinned containers level gauge manufacturers
  • Able to provide safety to humans who are operating it
  • Accurate results within seconds
  • Easily portable
  • Easily handled by a single person


With all these benefits one gets by using the gadget, it simply blows away the idea for anything else to be used as a liquid level indicator. Because of its highest level of safety and precision it is now becoming the most trusted and widely used instrument in factories, power plants, oil rigs, massive storage units, fertilizer plants and water reservoirs.


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