Pisces Monthly Horoscope For June 2010

Saturn moving into Virgo 9/2/07-10/29/09, focuses our attention on manifesting goals without being attached to perfection. This may entail letting go of the details and analysis so you can see the big picture or learning how to work smarter and not harder. Either way, the focus is on streamlining our lives and learning how to focus on what’s most important.

With Mercury in Libra from 9/5-27, the challenge is to notice if you accommodate the needs of others at the expense of yourself. You have an opportunity now to step back and be more objective and detached about what needs to be communicated. The focus is on communicating what is just, fair and equitable.

Mars in Gemini trine Neptune in Aquarius 9/7-10, asks you to surrender your sense of personal will so you can be guided by spirit. Use this transit to surrender your attachment to control. Knowing that you’re not alone helps you tap into grace and flow with life rather than fighting it.

With the new moon at 18 degrees Virgo 9/11 at 5:45 a.m. (PDT), our awareness is focused on nurturing body and mind. Use this month to discover what your body needs to support your emotional health. Maybe it needs more exercise, better nutrition or more attention to your diet.

It’s the perfect time to share and disseminate your knowledge to others as Mars in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius 9/19-2. Combining the raring-to-go energy of Mars with powerful Pluto provides plenty of rocket fuel to kick-start you into action. This transit is kind of like drinking a triple latte everyday without the crash!

The Sun moves into Libra on 9/23 at 2:52 a.m., the day of the autumnal equinox. The Libra principle is associated with balance, equanimity, justice and mediation. Our job in the sign of Libra is to be peacemakers – to promote a social consciousness that is just to all and to reflect and mirror to others the balance and beauty, the light and dark, of relationship.

The full Moon at 3 degrees Aries on 9/26 (12:46 p.m.) helps you become fully aware of your needs so you can be present and authentic with others. Only when you can truly nurture yourself and honor your own needs for independence, autonomy and freedom can you truly be in relationship with others.

Mercury travels through the sign of Scorpio 9/27-10/24 (retrograde 10/12-11/1) helping us learn to tell the microscopic truth. Sometimes just the simple act of telling the truth can help release suppressed energy that prevents us from being intimate with those that we love.

With Mars in Cancer from 9/28-12/31 there is a strong desire to get things done, albeit in an altogether different way. Mars in Cancer wants to “go with the flow” and is not concerned with external motivations. Physical expression; dance, yoga, martial arts, or exercise will help you balance the emotional body and get a lot done at the same time.

For Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Aries 3/21-4/20

Feeling a little distracted and aimless? It’s probably because you are being pulled in four different directions. Focusing your attention on the future is what’s keeping you from being present right now.

Taurus 4/21-5/21

Idealism is extremely high, particularly where career is concerned. What is that you really want? Try to free your imagination so you can visualize your “ideal scene.” This comes from the heart, not the head!

Gemini 5/22-6/20

Pay attention to information that comes through your intuition and not just your mind this month. This requires suspending the mind’s analysis long enough to let in your “hunches, gut sense and aha’s!.”

Cancer 6/21-7/20

If you have been feeling a little “out of the loop,” it’s time to get out and find your community or tribe. Belonging is important to Cancer’s anyway, so hanging out with like-minded others will be healing.

Leo 7/21-8/22 gemini horoscope

Your perception is particularly keen right now. The only problem is it may be hard to articulate your insights to others. Don’t try to make sense of what you receive. Just share it and see if it’s valid.

Virgo 8/23-9/22

The new moon in Virgo on 9/11 helps you clarify what it is you need on a feeling level. If you’re not aware of what you need, focus on what you don’t want. The opposite of that is probably what you need!

Libra 9/23-10/22

Are you longing for more beauty, harmony, unconditional love, fun and artistic expression in your life? If so, it’s time to incorporate these ideals in your life. Be like a child and let your heart lead the way.

Scorpio 10/22-11/21

You’re on the fast track to personal growth this month. Take a seminar or class that will provide you with the information necessary for your next steps. Your desire for change is strong so go with the flow.

Sagittarius 11/ 22-12/20

Catalyst for change is your role this month. You are probably impatient with the status quo and ready for something different. Sharing your innovative approach to solving existing problems will get you noticed.

Capricorn 12/21-1/20

You’re probably feeling exhausted after pushing the proverbial rock up the hill. Even though you have tremendous persistence and drive there is a cost. Can you delegate to others and give yourself a break?


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