What Is An Entrepreneur To the Community?

What is an entrepreneur if not an asset to the community? Whether you’re running a solo enterprise or your business has a cast of thousands, as an entrepreneur you’re a valuable asset to your marketplace. An entrepreneur provides essential goods or services to those who need them, contributing to the local economy and directing the course of business.

I know a man who runs a small publishing concern from his home, and the benefit to his community is manifold. Some years ago, he was inspired to bring non-fiction books and audio programs to business people by developing a catalog. His goods are sold directly to consumers, to retail shops and also to libraries. There’s no doubt that his line of work is affecting the lives of tens of thousands of people every year. Steph Korey

To start his business, my friend converted the parlor of his old-fashioned farmhouse into a home office, and he lined his garage with shelving for his company’s inventory. While it may appear that he is running a one man show, the reality is much different.

Every time he publishes another book title, a team of more than 20 people is incited into action – everyone from editors and graphic design people to sales and marketing. They’re not just local people, either, but folks on 3 continents – and this is just his core team we’re talking about. This entrepreneur has other contractors he works with on a more casual basis.

Every one of these 20 or so people is sustained by the publishing business run by this entrepreneur, and each member of the team also contributes to the economy where they live.

If you want to know what is an entrepreneur to the community, we can point to my friend the publisher and draw a few conclusions.

An entrepreneur is a servant leader. An entrepreneur provides valuable goods and services to the community that would otherwise be unavailable. An entrepreneur brings value to the marketplace, filling a gap that would otherwise be vacant.

An entrepreneur is an asset to the community. Not only is an entrepreneur self-sustaining, but also provides jobs. Even as a solo enterprise, the entrepreneur generates revenue and disburses it into the local economy.

An entrepreneur provides vision, guiding the course of industry in his field. In order to stay in business, an entrepreneur must be consistently looking toward the future and defining it through his product offering.



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